Discounted sessions for Blue Light workers

If you're working in the helping professions, you've been through it more than most the past year. That's why I'm offering you a discount on any stress reduction and management sessions with me.

Discounted sessions for Blue Light workers

We're all know that, alongside the Covid-19 pandemic that's affected all of our lives, there's a growing pandemic of mental health issues, especially amongst those working on our blue light services and other helping professions.

Peter Kelly, Senior Psychologist for the Health and Safety Executive about work-related stress, appeared on an episode of the Safety and Health Podcast on 30th March 2021. He believes that there are three parallel pandemics in occurrence:

I think one is a global recession, which is a pandemic it’s in its own right with loss of jobs, which we know impacts people’s mental health. We have an influenza pandemic, with people going through COVID-19 and then we have a tidal wave of mental health issues happening, where people are experiencing significant levels of mental distress.

Our front line workers are, unironically, at the front line of this mental health pandemic. They've been placed under long term, immense, and unprecedented pressures. We all know that prolonged exposure to high levels of stress are hugely detrimental to our physical and mental wellbeing.

In order to help support anyone in any front line or helping profession, I'm offering a substantial discount to any counselling, stress reduction, or meditation sessions - all held within the strictest of confidence.


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